We’re LABEL MāYu®, a sustainable fashion brand that aims at providing you with better fashion choices! Alongside offering you responsible alternatives for a greener future, we also wish to help you judge what’s better for you and the environment.

Being NIFT graduates, we’ve closely seen the fashion industry in work, and the amount of waste and carbon emission it produces.

Fast fashion only benefits the one who’s at the top of the hierarchy and not the employees, operators, labourers, etc involved in its making or the consumers that buy them.

LABEL MāYu is our small step towards fighting the disturbing conditions that continue to prevail.

In LABEL MāYu®, we believe in giving back to the nature what we take. Circular fashion thus becomes our central concept. Our products aim to be made with 100% natural fabrics, fully sustainable sourcing for various processes like dyeing and production, and using biodegradable trims in order to return these materials back to nature.

We plan to offer additional services to help the consumers upcycle or decompose the products to close the loop.

Our motto is to work towards responsible fashion choices with a transparent work/production system and create the sense of satisfaction in the consumers for contributing to the cause.

Together we can make fashion sustainable and ever-lasting.