Carbon Footprint and the Fashion Industry


“Fashion’s carbon imprint is much larger than the industry’s GDP. It’s taking up more than its fair share of impact on the planet.” (Elizabeth Cline, slow fashion activist) Carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by an individual, event, organisation, service or product which is expressed as its CO2 equivalent. These greenhouse gases […]

Sustainable Fabrics: What’s the truth?


We’ve previously discussed greenwashing as a tool to convince the customers about the alleged “benefits” of environmentally harmful products through misleading branding. Most of the times, certain fabrics are presented to us as ‘sustainable’ while they cause more harm to the environment. This blog aims to clarify some of the facts related to these “sustainable” […]



The modern age calls for sustainable solutions. With the recent waves of awareness in the general public regarding environmental conditions, we all are trying our best to apply them in our daily lives too. A change starts from an individual; our fashion choices influence a major fraction of our impact on nature. So, have you […]

Circular fashion- closing the loop

closed loop of natural fabric

When it comes to buying things, from the occasional fancy dinner to luxurious decor items, we don’t mind paying huge amounts of money. But when asked to spend similar amounts on fashion, we often hesitate since we have been conditioned into preferring cheap and new trends regularly. While we easily spend our money on other […]

Green Washing: Are green tags all we need?

plastic cups sold as eco-friendly

“Fashion this fast can never and will never be sustainable.”  Venetia La Manna, sustainability activist With the recent waves of activism and reforms in various industries to make their products and services more environment friendly, we have seen many big companies and brands come forward with different initiatives. For example, H&M’s sustainable range ‘Conscious’; one of […]

How Fast Fashion Rules – Profit vs. Ethics

pile of clothes

Since the beginning of ages, we humans have prioritized our three basic necessities very well – food, clothing, and shelter. With changing times, different discoveries and revolutions have led these industries in society. However, in recent times our desire for luxury has ruled over ethics. We all have different styles and preferences when it comes […]